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This TMSG Conference Badge Ribbon is perfect for spreading the word of finding the good in life! Featuring a high-quality, full-color logo of the Tell Me Somethin' Good! slogan, this badge ribbon comes with a full adhesive strip and is great for any event featuring professional speaker Clint Swindall. Help reinforce the positive message Clint shares with this conference badge ribbon for all your attendees. It's a simple feel good message!


White badge ribbon with full color Tell Me Somethin' Good! logo with a full adhesive strip.


  • 4" x 1-5/8" (size including tape strip)
  • Horizontal Tape Top Multicolor Ribbon
  • Tape placed on the front of the ribbon


These are available in large quantity (over 200) for your conference - These must be ordered at a minimum of 8 weeks prior to event due to supply chain breaks and delays.

TMSG Conference Badge Ribbon


We offer the ability for you to order this product in a large quantity. Contact us at for pricing.

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