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Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that gently reshapes your perspective to focus on the good. Clint Swindall's book, Tell Me Somethin' Good!, is an invitation to embrace a brighter, more optimistic world – a journey that unfolds with quiet power. Within these pages, Swindall presents a simple approach that inspires without being overwhelming, offering insights that seamlessly find the good in your daily routine.


Life is overwhelming sometimes, can this book help?


Discover the art of weaving positivity into your life through simple yet impactful changes, fostering transformation. The book provides six lessons and twelve behaviors meticulously crafted to light your path, helping you find the good even in challenging times. The characters, a blend of realism and fiction, guide you subtly, making these transformational insights relatable and actionable in your everyday life, bridging the gap between theory and practice as you find the good within yourself.


How do I get positivity into my life?


After you complete the simple journey, embark on the 30-Day Challenge proposed within. It's a graceful prompt, encouraging you to infuse each day with newfound wisdom and discover the positive aspects. Subtly transform your life by incorporating these lessons, one day at a time, and witness how your ability to find the good grows.


Swindall's profound yet accessible words will accompany you on this remarkable journey, offering continuous support and guidance to help you find the good around you.


Get your copy now and start your adventure toward a brighter life filled with moments that allow you to find the good.

Tell Me Somethin' Good! Book

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